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Event Planning

What makes a perfect event? Is it the quality and design of the location? Is it the skills of a host who can entertain an audience? Is it about the guests having a good time with sparkly drinks and a great atmosphere? We believe it is all of the above and much more.

Events connect people, breed innovation, build relationships and spark inspiration and change. We believe that each event has its own magical touch, uniqueness and authenticity with its own objectives and challenges. We understand how to deliver a successful event which aligns with your business objectives, design and ultimate goals. We want to help you get there from start to finish as we know how important it is not just to have a high number of attendees but more importantly, a high satisfaction rate from what guests can take from the event experience.

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Event Marketing

Being active in more than 10 countries and over 35 cities, we specialise in event planning throughout Europe, combining different cultures with endless inspiration.

One important value that has enabled us to attract thousands of guests for our events all across Europe is our deep passion and understanding for live marketing.

Reach → Interact → Convert → Engage

We analyse your market environment, target market and aim to produce a creative, innovative and successful strategy by using top marketing channels to drive attendance, engagement and excitement - keys to a successful event. Whether you aim to generate sales leads, retain client loyalty, build networks or celebrate an important milestone, we aim to deliver an event that exceeds your expectations. Challenge us. Our goal is your satisfaction, what’s yours?

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About Us

Creative planners, passion, wild dreams persistence and amazing events

We are dedicated entrepreneurs from day one. We grew, moved to different cities, studied, travelled and explored the world. Our perspectives changed. Still young, hungry and foolish. On our journey, we learned a lot and gained countless experiences. We got people excited for small events and we filled huge venues, bigger than we ever imagined, with thousands of people. Most importantly, we never stopped having faith, persistence and passion.

We are a dedicated, passionate team of entrepreneurs with a wide range of skillsets and professional work experience within the event and marketing industry and a proven successful track record. Our team is diverse and international but more importantly, we have a common vision. We see the big picture, not neglecting essential details. We are flexible, reliable, responsive and know how to have fun in this process. Speakeasy aims to fulfill the visions of small to large events. We strive to be one the most creative event management companies, producing high quality, diverse events.

Our promise to you. Uniting people and creating magical moments for everlasting memories.