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Event Planning

What makes a perfect event? Is it the quality and fit of the location? Is it the skills of the host? Or is it more about guests having good drinks and a nice atmosphere? We believe it is all and much more of that.

A powerful and remaining event is like a tasteful dish. It is the salt, the pepper, all the spices and ingredients together that finally make your event to one of these magical moments and everlasting memories. No ingredient too much, nothing too less. Finding this perfect fit for you is our key competence and our biggest pursuit to make you and your guests happy.

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Event Marketing

Being active in more than 8 countries and 34 cities we not only specialised in event planning throughout different cultures with endless inspiration. One key-value that enabled us to attract ten thousands of guests across Europe is our deep passion and understanding for marketing. Challenge us. Our goal is your satisfaction, what’s yours?

Contact us now and tell us more about your marketing goals.

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About Us

We are dedicated entrepreneurs from day one. From selling cherries of the own trees to selling old toys we wouldn’t need anymore. We grew, moved to different places, studied, traveled and explored the world.

Our perspectives changed, still young, hungry and foolish. We learned and gained experience. We got people excited on small events and we filled huge venues, bigger than we ever imagined, with thousands of people. Most important we never stopped having faith in persistence and conscientiousness.

With the event concept ‘Party like Gatsby’ we built a proven European event concept. 10 countries, more than 35 cities, hundreds of artists and still one important question: “Who is this Gatsby?” With HMD Speakeasy GmbH we are finally shaped and ready to share with you our knowledge and experience in event planning and event marketing.